hg0088手机登陆网址The core of our mission is to nurture and develop the whole person in an academically challenging environment that promotes active engagement and personal responsibility. Our liberal arts curriculum provides a foundation in English literature and composition, mathematics, social and physical sciences, world languages, theology, ethics, and the creative arts, with a special emphasis on critical thinking and the mastery of oral and written communication. Our academic program provides La Lumiere graduates with a distinct advantage over most of their peers: they are trained to think critically, articulate clearly, and take action confidently—with a solid awareness of morals and values.



We believe that the arts have intrinsic human value. Our program offers an emphasis on creativity and is accessible to students at all levels. We prioritize an interdisciplinary approach to the arts, forging connections between the arts and other subjects.


hg0088手机登陆网址Our English courses equip students to read critically, write clearly, speak effectively, and create thoughtfully. Students encounter powerful texts, write often both to discover and to present discoveries, and participate in a literary community committed to asking good questions of texts and to growing in analytical skills.

theology / ETHICS

The Theology department is dedicated to introducing students to and cultivating them in the intellectual and practical aspects of religious belief and philosophical reflection. This is accomplished by training them to engage critically and charitably with a wide array of religious and philosophical views on reality, ethics, God, and human nature.


The Social Science department is committed to teaching students more than just the dominant versions of events. We encourage students to think critically about history in order to foster students’ understanding of diverse cultural perspectives across different time periods. Through differentiated instruction and project based learning, students connect with history beyond the facts and figures. We value knowledge of the past as a way to comprehend the present and future.


The Mathematics department prides itself in its diversity and experience, and response to the needs of our students. Throughout their time at La Lumiere, students will develop a relationship with math faculty that promotes both self-advocacy and self-reliance. Each course focuses on problem solving and critical thinking and prepares students for any field of study.


The Science department encourages students to explore their world at every scale, from microscopic to intergalactic.  We strive to provide our students with a wide array of valuable educational experiences, providing hands-on laboratory activities whenever practical in order to complement learning through other course activities.  We believe that a solid foundation in the natural sciences provides our students with the tools they will need to think critically and evaluate issues logically as they prepare for the future.


hg0088手机登陆网址The World Language department is committed to developing proficiency in our target languages and to cultivating interest in their respective cultures. The skills of listening, reading, writing, and speaking are consistently practiced in our language courses.