Learning & Enrichment Services

hg0088手机登陆网址The La Lumiere School Learning and Enrichment Services is an academic support program designed to provide additional assistance to students. It uses a two-pronged approach: it provides academic support that focuses on helping students develop organizational, compensatory, and study skills. It also provides academic enrichment for students who relish being challenged to perform at an even higher level. The program includes individual support, tutoring, academic coaching and enrichment workshops. 

Paulyn Church, Program Director

Paulyn will begin the 2020-2021 school year with over 35 years experience in independent schools, 31 of which have been in boarding schools. She taught Biology and Psychology, coached tennis, and worked in residence halls at The Stony Brook School (NY). Paulyn also served students as Director of Counseling Services and Student Support, providing emotional and mental health and academic support respectively, for 13 years. At Covenant Christian Academy, her work included re-implementing and managing the International Students Program, putting in place a vibrant academic support and Homestay program.

Paulyn attended a boarding school and completed a General Science degree at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica. She later completed an M.A. in Chinical Psychology at Wheaton College, Il. She continues to teach AP Psychology and has been a reader for the National AP Psychology exam. At La Lumiere, as Director of Inclusion, she focuses on helping to ensure that every student in attendance has a sense of place. She is committed to mentoring students in and outside the classroom, to help them realize their full potential academically, as citizens and as leaders. Paulyn is married to David and is the proud mother their daughter, Chelsea.

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