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Our Mission


 At La Lumiere School, we form character, cultivate scholarship, and explore faithhg0088手机登陆网址 in order to grow into more complete versions of ourselves.

Elements of ahg0088手机登陆网址 La Lumiere Education


hg0088手机登陆网址We believe that character is best formed in a community founded on authentic relationships and trust. We structure experiences that encourage students to develop the agency, grit, and self-discipline to take ownership of their lives and the empathy, integrity, and courage to advocate for others. Through both success and failure, we teach students to act ethically and prudently with an orientation toward the common good.


As a community of learners, we engage in civil discourse, listen charitably, work to be responsibly informed, and encounter the world with genuine interest. Our faculty guides students as they hone academic skills and habits of mind, and we have high expectations for how all students will grow and learn. Meaningful learning takes place when the dynamic between teacher and pupil is close-knit, and personal connections foster a process which engages students’ experiences and interests to draw forth their best efforts. Beyond content mastery, our scholars develop a sense of wonder and an appetite for lifelong learning.


hg0088手机登陆网址Earnest exploration of faith is an integral part of education. Here, we strive to practice and live out our own faith lives, even as we explore our beliefs. No matter what their religion, each member of our school family belongs. Together, we seek spiritual understanding through an appreciation of the beauty of the natural world, a commitment to justice and service, and the pursuit of an active and authentic spiritual life centered on reflection, self-awareness, and hope. The Catholic faith serves as the bedrock of this pursuit, and its vision of the dignity of the human person gives us faith in one another, informing what we value and how we act.