One Community, One Goal

hg0088手机登陆网址Thanks to almost six decades of determination and generosity, La Lumiere was fortunate to be in a position of strength going into this pandemic. However, it will come as no surprise that our community is still feeling the impact of this economic downturn. As uncertainty swirls around us, it’s helpful to focus on what connects us—what we share. And one of those things is the mission of this place.

We are convinced as ever that the formational experience offered at La Lumiere contributes something our society is aching for: a diverse group of principled, savvy graduates who are not just intellectually capable, but who also ask how their gifts can make this world better than it is right now.

hg0088手机登陆网址Over the decades since our founders bravely launched this school in the woods, one of the distinguishing features of this community has been that it comes together and pulls through in tough times. As people’s pocketbooks are hit due to the pandemic, so is their ability to afford tuition and to donate. These, as you know, are our two sources of revenue. At a time when folks are losing so much, they’re faced with the agonizing prospect that their sons and daughters might not be able to continue their journeys as Lakers.

hg0088手机登陆网址We have one goal – to not lose a single member of our community over the inability to pay.

hg0088手机登陆网址While it’s impossible to bring big groups together in person, let’s come together in a different way and chip in what we can to continue to form character, cultivate scholarship, and explore faith together at La Lumiere. Thank you in advance for giving this some thought. Let’s do what we can, as well as we can, and let’s do it together.

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