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Parents Association

There are ample opportunities for parents to volunteer or participate in the Parents Association throughout the school year, from lending a hand at sports events, to decorating campus for special occasions, to serving on committees for fundraising events, or simply attending P.A. meetings. Parent involvement, no matter the level of commitment, is essential to the operation and growth of our school.



2019 - 2020 Important Dates

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Work the Snack Shack!

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Volunteer Opportunities

Below is a list of primary parent volunteer opportunities. If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity, please complete the Parents Association Volunteer Survey below, or send an email to the appropriate channel. For volunteering to run the Snack Shack, click the above button; for any other volunteer committee, please email Stacy Glidden Bobillo at sglidden@camper-cervo.com.

volunteer COMMITTEes

Snack Shack volunteers are responsible for selling food and drinks at home sports events. If you would like to volunteer to work the Snack Shack, please indicate your preferred sport in an email.

GOLF OUTING (Fall Fundraiser)
The Golf Outing fundraiser takes place annually during the fall. Volunteers help with registration and on-course hole contests.

hg0088手机登陆网址Parents Weekend is a school homecoming tradition. Volunteers help with gear sales.

hg0088手机登陆网址A beloved springtime event, the Taste of La Lumiere is an international food festival open to La Lumiere and the general public. Volunteers help with food donations, kitchen donations, and beverage service.

Similar to the annual Golf Outing, the Spring Fundraiser is one of La Lumiere's main fundraising events, with a theme that changes year to year. Volunteers can join the Host Committee to help plan, market, or support the event.


Parents Association 


The Parents Association seeks to serve the La Lumiere School students and faculty by fostering a wholesome, inclusive, and supportive environment that cultivates qualities based on Character, Scholarship and Faith. As a community, we apply this approach through raising funds to further improve students' and teachers' lives in every school endeavor: academics, arts, athletics and social interactions.


The Parents Association of La Lumiere supports the School’s mission to help create an atmosphere in which the illegal use of drugs and alcohol is not acceptable. As individual parents, we recognize the important role we have to play, and therefore pledge the following:

hg0088手机登陆网址We will not allow the illegal use of drugs or alcohol in our homes or on our property, nor will we allow parties or gatherings in our homes when we are not present.

We will make every effort to assure that when our students are out with others, that their social activities are consistent with the law and La Lumiere School policy.

We understand that on occasion, we may need to verify that such activities will be chaperoned by other parents in their homes.

When we sign out a La Lumiere student as a host family, we will follow the guidelines of the school and expect the guest student to do the same.

We will discuss these issues with our student(s) and make certain that they have a clear understanding of the policies of La Lumiere School and law enforcement regarding the use of drugs and alcohol.



CO-PRESIDENTS • Clint and Angie Cary (Trevor ’19, Mitchell ’21)
hg0088手机登陆网址The President presides at all Association and Executive Committee meetings and has general and active management of the affairs of the Association. He or she sees that all decisions and resolutions of the Association and Executive Committee are carried into effect, and has general duties and powers of supervision on the management customarily vested in the office of President of an association.

CO-VICE PRESIDENTS • Michael and Nicole Guenin (Jack ’21, Grant '22) 
The Vice President performs all the duties of the President in his or her absence or inability to act and is a member of the Executive Committee. The Vice President performs duties deemed necessary by the Executive Committee or the President.

SECRETARY • Cherie Plunk (Christian ’21)
The Secretary attends all Association and Executive meetings, records all votes, and takes and transcribes minutes. He or she receives, tabulates, and brings all proxies solicited on behalf of the Association to any Annual or special meeting of members. The secretary maintains a record of all correspondence and proceedings of the Association in a book to be kept for this purpose, ensures proper notice is given of all meetings to Association members and the Executive Committee, and performs other duties deemed necessary by the Executive Committee or the President.

CONCESSIONS COORDINATOR • Amie Harkness (Haley '19, Joe '21, Alexa '22)
hg0088手机登陆网址Please to easily sign up online for the Snack Shack (concessions). You can also receive reminders two days prior to your scheduled day.

TREASURER • Gary Plunk (Christian ’21)
hg0088手机登陆网址The treasurer manages Association funds held in an established bank account. He or she keeps an accounting of funds through the management of receipts and disbursements and gives a current report at each meeting of the Association. The Treasurer is a member of the Executive Committee and performs duties deemed necessary by the Executive Committee or the President.